First Promotion – ajmal stud – مربط اجمل
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First Promotion

28 October، 2020

As this last scene of the promotional video concludes:

We are some of this beauty, and could be all of it.

Ajmal Arabian Horse Stud.

This was the first promotion to introduce the brand of Ajmal Arabian Horse Stud. From Here we took inspiration for the visual identity of the stud, and through it we make our strides to compete on an international level, God willing.

This promotion was not just an introduction for our brand, but also a representation of a source of pride, as Arabian horses are an integral part of our history that we look forward to showcase to the world. From small ambitions and map the plan for our big aspirations.

Ajmal Stud, a modern view for international goals. With an excellent team we made these first touches to be the mark of an upcoming start.

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